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The Mercato family has lots of love for food and good times. Our markets are places where friends and family come together for great grub, which makes Mercato the best place for you to get your name out there. Advertise with us and we can share our community with you.

TRAFFIC. 10,000 people pass through each of our markets daily. If our math is correct, that means your company could get 10,000 new customers.

STRATEGIC AUDIENCE. More than 85% of our daily traffic is 18 to 34 years old—the very same demographic that makes up a bulk of the buying population. This is the audience your brand wants to reach, and Mercato is its favorite place to be.

BRAND LOVE. Our audience does not just drop by for a bite to eat. They follow us, Tweet about us, take their Instagram pictures with us, and post about us on Facebook. We’ve been featured in numerous local and international media outlets, and our social media pages grow by the tens of thousands—and both of these were done organically. Mercato thrives on the love our community gives us, and we can bring this same love to you.


Shine the spotlight on your brand at the center of Metro Manila’s premier foodie experience.

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For more information, contact Rhea Guzman at (0917) 521 9471 or email