Hairstylist's Menu

Hairstylists’ Menu: Weaving the Best Hairstyles, Salads, and Shakes. If you think all stylists are only skilled in weaving hairstyles, you’re in for a big surprise. Hairstylist and salon owner Leo Pascual offers a fresh take on relishing greens and fruits through his Mercato booth Hairstylist’s Menu. Together with his partners Juliet Adesas and Ailyn Vibar, he developed four delicious vinaigrettes for his salads and pleasantly unique fruit shake combinations. Included in in Hairstylist’s Menu’s best-selling salads are the Honey with Mustard Vinaigrette and the Peanut Butter in Sesame Oil Vinaigrette. As for the drinks, the Super Fruit Juice comes as the top-selling beverage. Hairstylist’s Menu is the ideal place for health buffs, vegans, and salad lovers.